My new Instagram project – #ALittleAdventureInAJar

I saved a small piece of summer in a jar. #ALittleAdventureInAJar

I saved a small piece of summer in a jar.

There are so many moments that I’d like to save. Preserve them and keep the memories intact, so that I’m able to revisit them long after they’ve passed. Moments of gratitude, contentment, or joy. The falling crunchy leaves of autumn and branches heavy with blossom in the springtime. Perfect, simple days filled with life’s little pleasures. Then, in the grey days of winter I could catch a glimpse of that warm, lazy summer sunshine. Or when my spirits are low I’d have a reminder of cherished moments when my heart was full.

After having these thoughts for a while I started a new photography project on Instagram. With a bit of picture editing and a touch of magic I started #ALittleAdventureInAJar. I’m having such fun creating these images! And just being on the lookout for these precious moments means I notice and appreciate them more when they do occur. I love that about gratitude. The more you look for things to feel grateful for, the more reasons you have to be grateful.

I’ve already created another image that I’ll post on Friday. I’ll try to stay consistent and post a picture for this hashtag on the same day each week. I’m very excited for this project and I sure do hope you’ll follow along.