The little things II

Autumn leaves 2  Autumn leaves
Pretty light
Kicking leaves Bonfire night 2016

{1} & {2} Autumn colours. The leaves fell like confetti on our front steps and made them really colourful. The ivy that climbs up the front of our house is at its prettiest now.

{3} Beautiful light. I’ve been working from home quite a bit this week and have really been cherishing the beautiful autumnal light that bathes our kitchen in the afternoon.

{4} Kicking leaves. A favourite autumn pastime. I was so happy I captured this action shot of my boyfriend.

{5} Bonfire night. We went to a local celebration of Guy Fawkes night yesterday. The children scampered up this tree to watch the bonfire being lit.

What little things have been giving you joy this week?

A weekend in the New Forest

Autumn in the New Forest 2

A few weeks ago we discovered a magical land.

A picture perfect cottage surrounded by fields, pastures, and woods. There were chickens in the garden, cats snoozing on armchairs, and a dog who demanded belly rubs every day. We woke up every morning to the rooster’s crow, and from the window I could see the horse in the stable across the garden impatiently waiting for his breakfast.

Walking in the New Forest
Autumn in the New Forest

We walked miles and miles in foggy woodland. The autumnal colours and the fog made the forest feel enchanted. A stag crossed our path. We stood still; there was something very regal about his posture as he inspected us from a distance. As if we could ever get close to him. He only stopped for a few seconds, a minute at most, and then just like that he leaped and disappeared through the ferns.

New Forest ponies
New Forest pony

Then we saw the ponies. I had heard that they were freely roaming the New Forest but I don’t think I really believed it. Truly, wild horses were wandering this beautiful countryside. They were so serene and completely disinterested in us; we just stared and marvelled at their grace and beauty. It felt like a very special privilege to see these creatures.

Meeting some New Forest donkeys.

The New Forest donkeys, with their long eyelashes and big ears, captured my heart. I made friends with one of them. She let me stroke her soft-like-velvet ears for a while.

Walking in the New Forest 2

We returned home dazed, completely charmed, and already dreaming of our return to this fairyland.

Have you been to the New Forest?
I also made a short little film of our time there, have a look here if you’d like to see.

Postcards from Paris

Postcard from Paris @

I spent a few wonderful days in Paris over Christmas & I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures I took there.* It was so great to revisit this great city, and this time I was playing tour guide for my mum who had never been to Paris before. I got to revisit plenty of my favourite Parisian locations like Île Saint-Louis, Place des Vosges, and Le Marais, but also discovered some wonderful new-to-me locations and experiences.

We were quite lucky with the weather: it was mostly sunny and mild and so we walked all over the city. We actually walked an average of 12 miles a day! All this walking was of course powered by lots of fresh bread and exquisite patisserie. Oh the patisserie!

Postcard from Paris @
Postcard from Paris @
Postcard from Paris @
Postcard from Paris @

Places/activities/sights from Paris that brought a smile to my face:

  • African hot chocolate at Angelina. Perhaps a cliche, but rightfully so, I think. This was the thickest, most luxurious and intense hot chocolate ever, perfect for chocolate fiends. The Angelina salon on rue de Rivoli is a beautiful and elegant Belle Epoque space, just the thing if you are also just a little stuck in eras past.
  • Claude Monet’s Les Nymphéas at Musée de l’Orangerie. Oh my goodness was this magical! To see these unbelievably beautiful and emotive paintings was just an incredible experience. I was in awe.
  • Walking along the streets of Île Saint-Louis. Pretty and quaint, this little island on the Siene has a village feel and lots of tiny little shops and bistros.
  • Seeing the Eiffel tower at sunset. Beautiful silhouette against a beautiful sky.
  • Strolls in the Montmarte. The winding streets climbing towards the Sacré-Cœur basilica are so charming and they feel unchanged since Toulouse-Lautrec lived in this bohemian neighbourhood.
  • A few peaceful moments in Sacré-Cœur. I am not a religious person but I can’t deny how serene and calm I felt inside this magnificent church.
  • Christmas window displays at Printemps & decorations at Galeries Lafayette. I had never seen window displays as imaginative, beautiful, or witty as the ones at Printemps. It was great to see them on Christmas eve, they filled me with such childlike glee. The Galeries Lafayette dome is stunning on its own, but it was simply enchanting decorated for the holidays.

Postcard from Paris @
Postcard from Paris @
Postcard from Paris @
Postcard from Paris @
Postcard from Paris @
Postcard from Paris @

*I thought I’d try to atone for being a bad blogger and not posting anything for approximately 100 years by dedicating my first post of the year to Paris. 😉

Blogmas Day 5 & 6: A lovely weekend in Bath

A weekend in Bath @

Our visit to Bath last weekend was so wonderful! It’s such a beautiful place, and there’s a wide variety of things to do there, I think I will never tire of it. We were quite lucky with the weather too, it didn’t rain at all while we were there so we were able to walk around a lot and explore.

I think just walking around the various neighbourhoods is a brilliant way to get a feel for Bath. Obviously the famous Royal Crescent, the Circus, and Camden Crescent are stunning and worth seeing (especially for all the Jane Austen fans), but my favourite is just wandering along the not well-known little lanes and rather steep paths of Bath. There are so many picturesque scenes, fantastic little shops, and quaint tea rooms to be discovered!

A weekend in Bath @
A weekend in Bath @

A visit to Prior Park was high on my list and it turned out is was definitely worth it. What a stunning place it is! It is located on a beautiful location with impressive views of Bath, and of course, that is where the Palladian Bridge is located. It truly felt like I had stepped in a Jane Austen novel and I loved it, even though Mr Darcy didn’t show up!

A weekend in Bath @
A weekend in Bath @
A weekend in Bath @

The countryside around Bath is a great place to escape to, it’s quite hilly so our walk was a good workout and we were rewarded with marvellous views of the city every little while. We were also treated to a lovely crispness in the air and beautiful sunshine too, so Awful Mud Incident aside, it was a great morning.

A weekend in Bath @
A weekend in Bath @

I think this conversation from Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey perfectly captures how I feel about Bath:

“You will be able to talk of Bath, and of all that you did here.”
“Oh! Yes. I shall never be in want of something to talk of again to Mrs. Allen, or anybody else. I really believe I shall always be talking of Bath…. Oh! Who can ever be tired of Bath?”

I certainly will never be tired of Bath and I’m already planning my next visit!