Sartorial musings – Fun items in my wardrobe

Fun items in my wardrobe: A sparkly necklace worn with a blue button down shirt, black leather skirt, and my trench coat.

When I made my Wardrobe Resolutions (one, two, and three), I was looking for a way to get out of a style rut and banish the dreaded “my closet is full of clothes but I have nothing to wear” scenario. And it worked! I slowly started creating a wardrobe that consists of things I actually like wearing and that suit me, and cultivated a more thoughtful approach to shopping.

The second resolution was to have fun with my clothes, to embrace the quirky and playful pieces that I’m drawn to and to actually wear them often.

I still forget sometimes and fall back into a habit of wearing a lot of grey. Or the mentality of saving the more fun pieces for “special occassions” creeps back in (don’t even get me started on how silly and illogical this is). But for the most part I enjoy brightening my days with light-hearted, unexpected pieces. They make me smile. Wearing fun items definitely affects my attitude every day!

Where I find it really easy to include more unusual, fun pieces is in my accessories collection. I feel that if the rest of my outfit is relatively basic, I don’t look too eccentric if I’m carrying my ostrich feather bag!

It’s often something sparkly, like the vintage necklace I’ve got on in the picture up top. I’ve got a few of these, they are the result of my late-night Ebay trawls. They are one of my favourite ways to brighten up grey, wintery days.

I also really enjoy embellished knitwear; I love the contrast of combining a playful jumper with a masculine button-down shirt.

And of course, I’ve got quite a few pairs of impractical, slightly less than sensible shoes, and I love wearing them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my blue Converse trainers and my blush pink Ferragamo flats. But sometimes, a boring jeans-and-a-white-blouse outfit needs a pair of sparkly, embellished Sophia Webster heels. Don’t you think?

Fun items in my wardrobe

I’m sharing some of my favourite fun & playful pieces in my wardrobe in this brand new video:

These are the pieces I reach for when I’m feeling a bit low and need some spirit-lifting. I hope this video inspires you to inject a bit of fun in your wardrobe!

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